Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Student lea Confeneces 2017

My Checklist for Student Led Conferences     

  • Introduction to the teacher
  • Visitors book
  • Think what I'm am going to show my parents?

 Writing or English Goals
  • I am learning to build a word bank of adjectives before I write.
  • I am learning to use complex sentences to add detail into my writing.  

  • I am learning to get faster at my times tables.
  • I am learning to  get better at division.

  • Inquiry learning  
  • We had to make a Roller Coaster - teamwork and problem solving 
  • We have a group of 3 that we do a Weekly Quiz

  • Religious  Education Learning 
  • We are learning about the symbols of the Holy Spirit, Baptism and Forgiveness of Sins.

I am good at...
  • Rugby 
  • League 
  • Basket Ball
  • Being a good friend
  • having Responsibility 

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